Stephanie Schirm

Drawing the Portrait

Tuesdays Sept 7 – Oct 12, 2021 , 7-9pm ONLINE

This course covers a comprehensive procedure for strictly drawing the portrait. Methods of measuring and sighting that help to understand the proportions of the subject and identify and solve problems. Students will explore practical techniques to achieve mass, form and value in their drawings. (Students must have taken a previous basic drawing class)

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The Strictly Painted Portrait

Wednesdays Sept 8 – Oct 13, 2021 , 10am – 12pm ONLINE

Working from Photos, students will tackle the basics of construction of the head & face through experimenting with light and shadow in skin tones. The course will explore practical techniques, such as how to create mass, proportion, form, and value to create likeness. This course will also review a number of portrait artists and pin point their techniques. As well as, positive and constructive critique will be administered. (Students must have taken a portrait drawing class and be familiar with the basics of painting in acrylic or oils)

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