Stephanie Schirm

Portrait Painting

Tuesdays Jan 4th till Jan 25th, 7pm till 9pm


This 4 week course is a great next step for those you want to graduate from the pencil, whether graphite or coloured. Students will learn how to create the form of the human head and features with paint techniques and colour theory. Oil or Acrylics are ideal for this online course.

4 weeks: $110

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Portrait Painting: Children through stages

Wednesdays Jan 12th till Feb 16th, 10am till 11pm


Painting a child’s face can be challenging, when we approach with our knowledge of the Adult portrait. Children’s faces have bright large eyes and innocent smiles that can warm the hardest heart. Let me liberate your approach to these proportions and features of a child younger than five in paint!

6 weeks – $160.00

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Mixed Media Fridays

Fridays Jan 14th till Mar 4th, 10am till 12pm


This is an ideal environment to learn how to combine numerous mediums in one master piece! From oil & cold wax, torn paper to thread and needle; there are endless possibilities and discoveries.

Won’t you join us?

8 weeks: $150

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Introduction to Drawing 2: Black & White into Perspective

Visual Arts Brampton

Mondays Jan 24th till Mar 7th, 7pm till 9pm IN-HOUSE & ONLINE

This class is ideal for everyone, whether you are an absolute beginner or are looking for a refresher. Introduction to Drawing: Black & White into Perspective will provide the visual tools needed to start the journey to good drawing practices.

Working through exercises, students will learn drawing techniques to find new ways of seeing and thinking when it comes to perspective. 

Instruction will include demonstrations and examples of all techniques and exercises, as well as positive feedback.


Expressive Mixed Media Drawing

Visual Arts Mississauga

Wednesdays Jan 26th till Mar 2nd, 1pm till 3:30pm


This workshop pushes the boundaries of expressive drawing using the mixed media approach.

Skill-building exercises and experimental material combinations explores dry medium on wet acrylic grounds, combining ink with traditional drawing tools and drawing with wet medium on large surfaces.

With critiques and theory, you will ignite confidence and wonder in the creative drawing process.

This class is not suitable for beginners, instruction is designed for those who have some previous experience with drawing.

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Acrylic: Beyond the Basics 3

Visual Arts Brampton

Wednesdays Jan 27th till Mar 2nd, 1-3pm


This Acrylic: Beyond the Basics 3 class will be structured to encourage students to work on two subject matters of their choice.

While technique will remain an important aspect in this class, emphasis will be placed on creating form, and volume; in documenting your favorite subject matter. And in addition, texture techniques will be explored and discussed as well.

This course is not suitable for beginners, instruction is designed for those who have some previous experience with acrylic painting.


Introduction to painting in Acrylics : Brush Strokes

Visual Arts Brampton

Fridays Jan 28th till Mar 4th, 6:30pm till 8:30pm

Suitable whether you are an absolute beginner or would like a refresher, instruction will provide the visual tools needed to get started on the road to good painting practices with Acrylic. Students will be encouraged to work in a variety of formats, while learning the importance of colour theory, composition within a landscape or still life.

All techniques will be carefully demonstrated, using photo reference, and explained in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format.